"She’s relatable to because she’s such a realistic character…I think she’s like young girls today — they read magazines, they look at models, they’ve got social media telling them how to act. That’s who Sansa is. She’s looked at the queen, she’s looked at Margaery Tyrell, and she idolises them. All she wants is to become them. She’s like every 12-year-old girl who wants to be a celebrity — it’s the same adolescence as everyone else, but a few hundred years ago. In an alternative universe. With dragons."


daenerys targaryen in 4x03 breaker of chains


A new queen is coming…


My sword is yours. My life is yours. My love is yours. My blood, my body, my songs, you own them all. I live and die at your command, fair queen.

This is where therapy gets a little tricky.

Hannibal: 2x05 // 2x07


I T ’ S  F I N E  T O  B E  W E I R D .


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 “I have something to say the people of Meereen. First, I need this one to be quiet.”


Best Game of Thrones quotes #1

your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth and you will know the debt is paid;


“The most important quality of science or art is curiosity, that’s what keeps me going and always finding something new.” - Fabian Oefner

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i don’t think i’ll ever get over anna’s grocery store candids because she was literally so done